The Fair Workplace Collaborative

OLSE's organizational partners that comprise the Fair Workplace Collaborative understands these challenges and is deeply committed to OLSE's efforts to provide and support workers' rights education and compliance information for business owners through its Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative.  The following organizations are members of the Fair Workplace Collaborative who implement OLSE's Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative by serving as resources for workers and businesses:

  • ​Working Partnerships USA - 
    Based in Silicon Valley, Working Partnerships USA tackles the root causes of inequality and poverty by leading collaborative campaigns for quality jobs, healthy communities, equitable growth and a vibrant democracy.  We are a community organization that brings together the power of grassroots organizing and public policy innovation to drive the movement for a just economy.

    Working Partnerships USA serves as the Fair Workplace Collaborative coordinator, and will also provide the following services in English and Spanish: labor and workplace rights trainings for workers, referrals to safety net and other appropriate services (including assistance with filing claims and referrals to resources, legal specialists, and victims' service providers).
  • Enterprise Foundation/Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center -
    The Enterprise Foundation offers a wide variety of programs and services for present and potential small business owners. Our services include no-charge expert counseling, low cost training, information resources, events and seminars to the greater Silicon Valley community.

    As a member of the Fair Workplace Collaborative, our team is dedicated to providing current up to date outreach and education services to employers to help them understand their responsibilities with respect to compliance and fair and equitable compensation and HR business practices.  Services are offered in English and Spanish.
  • Latinx Business Circle -  ​

    Latinx Business Circle is a collective of dedicated business advisers and trainers with expertise in a variety of areas and industries vital to businesses. LatinX Business Circle is powered by Prosperity Lab.

    The Prosperity Lab path finds economic empowerment approaches and tools that enable historically disinvested communities, women, and micro-enterprises to become prosperous, reduce socioeconomic disparities and achieve economic advancement.    

    LatinX Business Circle is part of a cooperative program, "Fair Workplace". Fair Workplace provides necessary information, training and resources for small business owners to help them understand and come into compliance with Labor Standards for business owners.  We are committed to helping small businesses become the best place to work and thrive!  Call (408) 547 3190 for assistance or you can email:  [email protected]​ 

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