Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative

The Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative is a robust public engagement campaign throughout Santa Clara County with the mission to inform businesses and workers of their rights and responsibilities as well as deliver support and individualized services to those seeking assistance to resolve potential claims or existing judgments.  OLSE contracts with the member organizations of the Fair Workplace Collaborative to provide this outreach and education.

Services Provided:

  • OLSE Attorney Staffed Advice Line
  • Business Outreach and Education
  • Workers' Rights Trainings and Clinics
  • Individualized Services for Workers and Businesses

Services can currently be accessed in the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish 
  3. Mandarin 
  4. Vietnamese 
  5. Tagalog

Our Partners:

The Fair Workplace Collaborative  

The Office of Labor Standards Enforcement's mission to extend worker protections across the County, increase the effectiveness of existing County and local protections, and help Santa Clara County be a national leader in addressing labor abuses is of critical importance to advancing the economic and social well-being of the County as a whole. According to national studies, the average low-wage worker lose approximately $2,634--or 15% of their earnings--each year because of wage theft. The majority of these wages were stolen by failing to pay minimum wage or overtime, failing to provide breaks, and requiring unpaid, off-the-clock work. 

OLSE's organizational partners who comprise the Fair Workplace Collaborative understands these challenges and are deeply committed to OLSE's efforts to provide and support workers' rights education and compliance information for business owners through its Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative. The Collaborative has designed a community-based outreach and education model that relies upon deep organizational relationships in communities of workers which are disproportionately represented within high-risk industries, a pro-bono legal partner comprised of the leading workers' rights law practitioners in Santa Clara County, and business partners with capacity to serve small and minority-owned businesses. 

The following organizations are members of the Fair Workplace Collaborative who implement OLSE's Labor Standards Outreach and Education Initiative by serving as resources for workers and businesses:

  • Working Partnerships USA -
    Based in Silicon Valley, Working Partnerships USA tackles the root causes of inequality and poverty by leading collaborative campaigns for quality jobs, healthy communities, equitable growth and a vibrant democracy.  We are a community organization that brings together the power of grassroots organizing and public policy innovation to drive the movement for a just economy. We build the capacity of workers, low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to lead and govern.  Since our founding in 1995, we've been pioneering policy campaigns that are then adopted across the nation — from the groundbreaking Children's Health Initiative, to raising the minimum wage.

    Working Partnerships USA serves as the Fair Workplace Collaborative coordinator, and will also provide the following services in English and Spanish: labor and workplace rights trainings for workers, referrals to safety net and other appropriate services (including assistance with filing claims and referrals to resources, legal specialists, and victims' service providers).
  • Day Worker Center of Mountain View - 
    The Day Worker Center of Mountain View connects workers and employers in a safe and supportive environment, empowers workers to improve their socioeconomic condition through fair employment, education, and job skills training, and allows them to participate in advocacy efforts that support the day laborer community.
  • Step Forward Foundation -
    Step Forward is a nonprofit organization offering specialized legal services to its clients including survivors of human trafficking. It operates the Santa Clara County OLSE Advice Line in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Mandarin, and it provides legal support, trainings, and education to community organizations in the Fair Workplace Collaborative and in the community.
  • Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants -
    PAWIS, the Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants was formed to fight against social and economic injustice faced by Filipino workers and im/migrants in Santa Clara County. The first PAWIS members were former airport screeners affected by the U.S. Aviation and Transportation Security Act after 9-11-2001. Today PAWIS continues to support Filipinos in Santa Clara County, the Bay Area, the U.S., and around the world, working in industries such as health care, retail/sales, and electronic manufacturing. PAWIS conducts education, information and training to its members on issues that affect Filipino workers and im/migrants, conducts legal clinics and Know Your Rights presentations that include Workers' Rights and human trafficking, provides assistance and collective support for its members through referrals, and unites with other Filipino organizations for the advancement of the rights and welfare of Filipino workers and immigrants.
  • Vietnamese American Roundtable -
    The Vietnamese American Roundtable's mission is to mobilize, advocate for, and inform our community of the critical issues that impact their lives. We accomplish our mission through building coalitions, strategic advocacy, and organizing meaningful community events for all. We are community volunteers who work collaboratively to research, develop, promote, and support programs and projects that benefit the local community. As Vietnamese Americans spanning different generations, we are able to bridge both aspects of Vietnamese and American culture and lifestyle, which helps us bring inclusive perspectives to our events. VAR is composed of young professionals and representatives from various Vietnamese American community groups who works collaboratively to research, promote, and support joint programs and projects to benefit the local community.

    As part of the Fair Workplace Collaborative, VAR and other partners will host monthly community law clinics that can provide expertise on worker's rights issues.  VAR will also host community workshops on different issues centered on the rights of employees and obligations of employers, and work with partners to refer those in need of representation towards community resources and non-profit legal aid organizations.
  • Enterprise Foundation/Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center -
    The Enterprise Foundation offers a wide variety of programs and services for present and potential small business owners. Our services include no-charge expert counseling, low cost training, information resources, events and seminars to the greater Silicon Valley community.  As a member of the Fair Workplace Collaborative, our team is dedicated to providing current up to date outreach and education services to employers to help them understand their responsibilities with respect to compliance and fair and equitable compensation and HR business practices.  Services are offered in English and Spanish. 
  • Latinx Business Circle -  ​
    LatinX Business Circle is a collective of dedicated business advisers and trainers with expertise in a variety of areas and industries vital to businesses. LatinX Business Circle is powered by Prosperity Lab.  The Prosperity Lab path finds economic empowerment approaches and tools that enable historically disinvested communities, women, and micro-enterprises to become prosperous, reduce socioeconomic disparities and achieve economic advancement.

    LatinX Business Circle is part of a cooperative program, "Fair Workplace". Fair Workplace provides necessary information, training and resources for small business owners to help them understand and come into compliance with Labor Standards for business owners.  We are committed to helping small businesses become the best place to work and thrive!  Call (408) 547 3190 for assistance or you can email:  [email protected]​. 

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