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The Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) invites applications for membership on its Food Retail Advisory Council 
(FR Advisory Council) by August 13, 2021.​

OLSE established the FR Advisory Council in early 2021 to serve as an informal stakeholder advisory group and hopes that it will help OLSE advance labor standards compliance and a healthy economy for businesses and workers in Santa Clara County through the following activities:

  1. Inform and advise OLSE from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, including food retail employees, employee advocates, owners, managers, and industry or consumer representatives;
  2. Advise OLSE regarding its operation and expansion of the Food Permit Enforcement Program throughout Santa Clara County;
  3. Research and identify labor standard best practices;
  4. Conduct and gather research to inform OLSE’s consideration of strategies to create uniformity in labor standards across State and County policy and practice; and
  5. Advise OLSE on methods to prioritize issues like retaliation, wage theft, sexual harassment, and violence in the workplace.

OLSE expects that the FR Advisory Council will actively engage with the food retail components of OLSE’s scope of work in order to provide OLSE with recommendations for supporting the County’s effort to advance labor standards through thoughtful community and business engagement, strategic enforcement, invocation and study, and policy development with a commitment to social justice.

Food Retail Advisory Council (FRAC) Membership Application - Final PDF.pdf  

Please click the link above to access the Food Retail Advisory Council's membership application.  Please submit completed applications by email (by 5:00 p.m. on August 13, 2021) or mail (postmarked by August 13, 2021) to:

Office of Labor Standards Enforcement
Attn.: Food Retail Advisory Council Review Committee
2460 N. First Street, San José, CA 95131
[email protected]

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